Why I Choose Chemical Free


Why I Choose Chemical Free.

After years of suffering a chronic illness, I can honestly say that going Chemical Free was one of the most important things I ever did.  Once I learnt how the chemicals in food, water, cosmetics and cleaning products could alter my biochemistry, I changed my thinking entirely.  It became an integral part of my treatment protocol.  If the chemicals could interfere with my hormones, no wonder I was having trouble with thyroid, digestion and even sleep.  I became vigilent in reading labels.

It certainly didn’t happen overnight, it was gradual and I spent many years finding different products that would not harm me.  I would look at a product I was using, for example a deodorant, see that it contained chemicals, then I would research until I found a product I could replace it with.  Over time, I now have makeup, skin care, cleaning and laundry products that all support my quest for a chemical free life.

Changing the way I ate also took some time but now I enjoy wholefoods and everything I eat is a ‘food’.  Your body cannot recognise what most of the additives, chemicals and preservatives are in packaged food, so has absolutely no idea how to process them. They become disruptors to the functioning of your body.

Try going chemical free and see how great you feel.

In Wellness, Sue

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